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Agricultural Service Board

This Agricultural Service Boards Act provides for the establishment and operation of Agricultural service boards throughout the province. It provides a province-wide infrastructure for the delivery of weed control, disease control, pest control, and soil and water conservation programs. It also provides for financial incentives and technical assistance to enable the administration of provincial acts and resulting programs at the municipal level.
The Duties of the Agricultural service board are to act as an advisory body and to assist the council and the Minister, in matters of mutual concern. To advise on and to help organize and direct weed and pest control and soil and water conservation programs. To assist in the control of livestock disease under the Livestock Diseases Act.
To promote, enhance and protect viable and sustainable agriculture with a view to improving the economic viability of the agricultural producer, and to promote and develop agricultural policies to meet the needs of the municipality.


To Implement programs, which will have a future impact on agriculture. Help Implement policies to achieve our goal of a sustainable and productive agriculture Industry.


Provide services, and encourage sustainable and value chain agriculture.
To provide education and implement polices and programs, that
help maintain or improve the agricultural industry

County of St. Paul # 19 Agricultural service boards main focus is to deliver programs that aid our local producers, under the guidelines of the provincial ASB act. These programs and services include: rental equipment, weed and brush control, pests, diseases, predators and conservation programs.

We offer rental equipment to our local producers that is not readily available or used often enough to own. Controlling noxious, nuisance weeds and brush are priorities along roadways and municipally controlled lands. We work with producers to eliminate weed infestations on private land. Pest and predator control is looked after in various ways depending on the pest and the problem level. We are always trying to keep producers up to date on what is happening in agriculture by putting on events and contributing to various extension programs with various partners. We have always had good working relationship with environmental programs that have been introduced over the years. The Alberta Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture (AESA) Program was entered in 2000 to present with a partnership between the County of St. Paul and County of Smoky Lake.

The County’s ASB is involved in many parts of our local agriculture sector. We are partners with the local Research association Lakeland Agricultural research association (L.A.R.A). L.A.R.A maintains a site behind the St. Paul Municipal Seed Cleaning Plant. Which is called Agriculture Centre of Excellence (A.C.E). This site was originally set up in 1998 by Alberta Agriculture, County of St. Paul and St. Paul Municipal Seed Cleaning Association. When the focus of Alberta agriculture changed in 2002 the site was then managed by LARA until present.