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There are many ways you can obtain information during an emergency or disaster. You can monitor local media through a television set or radio, you can check for alerts through social media and you can monitor the situation on various websites.


Alberta Emergency Alert

Alberta Emergency Alerts are issued to warn people about potential risks to their health and safety. By signing up to receive this information directly, you will be better informed and better prepared. You can follow Alberta Emergency Alert on Twitter @AB_EmergAlert?, download their app for iPhone or Android devices or visit their website for more information.

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St. Paul Notification / Alert System

The  Region of St. Paul Notification/Alert System is now in operation and ready for you to Subscribe.

To go online and subscribe, follow the link to review the information and sign-up.
It should take you 3 minutes to subscribe on the system.
By subscribing, you will receive time sensitive information on any potential emergencies that could affect you in the area.
Every member of your family will need to sign up that wants the notifications as it's based off each individuals personal contact information.
Pass on this information to family and friends about signing up to a state of the art system.
If you don't sign-up, you won't receive the notifications or alerts.

People can stop in a their Municipal Office and asked to be signed up. "If you don't sign-up, you won't receive the Notifications or Alerts. There is no cost to the individual, so why wouldn't you sign-up.