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Four Main Classes of Assessment Exist



Land used for farming operations (i.e., crop, hay, pasture, tree, sod, horticulture, aviculture, apiculture, and aquiculture) is assessed at a Regulated Value. The current base rate for the agricultural use value of farmland is set at $350 / Acre for Dry Arable or Pasture Land and is adjusted downwards for any factors that hinder productivity (i.e., type of soil, texture of the soil’s surface and subsurface, topography, stones, any other productivity impediment).


Commercial or Industrial activity occurring on the property including land, buildings and structures (i.e., stores, mechanical repairs, golf courses, gravel pits, land and structures situated at industrial plants excluding Machinery & Equipment) is assessed at Market Value. Linear property, a subcategory of non-residential, includes Cable Distribution (television), electric transmission lines, telecommunication equipment, pipelines, oil and gas wells, is assessed at a Regulated Value.

Machinery and Equipment:

Any installation used in the processing or manufacturing of a product (i.e., separators or dehydrators or compressors at gas and oilfield installations is assessed at a Regulated Value.


Typically a residence or use of property that has not been classed as any of the above. The assessment for residential parcels less than or equal to 3 acres represents the average market value for land and improvements (any building(s), structure(s)). For parcels greater than 3 acres, the assessment includes a minimum of 3 acres and the residential improvements assessed at market value and any remaining land is assessed at market value unless deemed farmland.

Please contact County of St. Paul's assessors with any of your questions or concerns!

1-877-438-2305 and speak to Bob Daudelin or Jesse Nelson.