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Detached Garage

Looking to build a detached garage?

A building permit is required for the construction of any storage building, shop, garage, or shed over 100sqft. Accessory buildings are not intended to support any occupancy. Below is a list of guidelines and requirements to help with the permitting process.

1. Completed Development permit application form (under 144 sqft does not required a development permit, building permit is still required)

2. Completed Building Application Form

3. Two complete sets of construction drawings printed or one PDF copy that include:
  • Elevation drawings
  • Building cross section
  • Foundation Plan (see below Foundation Information)
  • Roof truss and beam design information
4. All Pole buildings require engineering
5. Hydronic Heating design information and designer certification (if applicable)

Please ensure that you have included all five documents with your permit application. The building permit application does not include electrical, gas, plumbing and private sewage disposal permits. To download and apply for these permits, please go to Step 4 by clicking here.

Foundation Requirements

Foundations that are not required to be designed by a professional engineer or registered architect:
  • Full concrete foundation
  • 4 ft. concrete frost wall on a strip footing
  • 4 ft. pier foundation on a spread footing
Foundations that are required to be designed by a professional engineer or registered architect:
  • Concrete pile and grade beam systems
  • Preserved wood foundation
  • Shallow foundation (slab on grade) over 55 m² (592 sqft.)
  • Any other foundation will require a structural engineered stamped plan.
Wall Requirements
  • Walls up to 12 feet in height are acceptable
  • Walls over 12 feet will require an engineered stamped plan.

Accessory Buildings:

  • Accessory buildings are permitted when accessory to a permitted use and discretionary when accessory to a discretionary use. An accessory building or use is not permitted without a principal building or use.
  • An accessory building shall not be used as a dwelling unless it is an approved garage suite or a residential surveillance suite.
  • No accessory buildings to be located in the front yards of lakefront lots.
  • An accessory building shall not be located closer than 2.1m (7 ft) to a main building.
  • The height of an accessory building (including garage suites above grade) may not exceed:
a) Lots less than 1.61 Ha (4.0 acres)- 4.5 m (14.75 ft)
b) Lots greater than 1.61 Ha (4.0acres)- 6.1m (20 ft); and
c) Light Industrial Residential and Industrial Commercial Districts- 7.6m (25 ft)