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Maxine Fodness

Maxine Fodness

Division 4

Mrs. Maxine Fodness was sworn in to the County of St. Paul on October 26, 2004. You can contact Maxine by email at Maxine Fodness or by phone at 780-645-4778.

Maxine currently serves on the following Boards and Committees:

  • Public Works Shop Committee
  • Agriculture Service Board
  • St. Paul Inter Municipal Development Plan (IDP)
  • St. Paul Transfer Station Committee
  • St. Paul & Area Joint Fire Protection Management Committee
  • St. Paul Airport Commission
  • Regional Emergency Management Plan
  • Subdivision & Development Appeal Board
  • Policy Committee
  • Salary Negotiation Committee
  • Highway 36 Committee - Alternate
  • Evergreen Regional Landfill Committee (Alternate)
  • M.D. of St. Paul Foundation
  • St. Paul & District Ambulance
  • St. Paul Municipal Library