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Enteroviruses are a common group of viruses that can cause various types of illness, including respiratory illness that effects the nose, throat and lungs.

Much like many other respiratory illnesses, we often see an increase in cases of enterovirus in the fall and winter seasons. In recent weeks, as expected, Alberta has seen an increase in respiratory illnesses, including those caused by enteroviruses.
There are different types - or strains - of enteroviruses, including enterovirus D68 (EV-D68). EV-D68 is one of the strains of enteroviruses that we are seeing in Alberta right now.
At this time, it is NOT known whether the cases of EV-D68 recently confirmed in Alberta are the same strain as the strain of EV-D68 currently circulating in the USA. Alberta's Provincial Laboratory of Public Health continues to work with the National laboratory to determine whether the EV-D68 cases in Alberta are being caused by the same EV-D68 that has been reported in the USA.

You can check out Alberta Health Services' Website for more details on this virus.