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The County of St. Paul is a part of Alberta where the relaxed pace of rural living combines superbly with exciting economic opportunities, outstanding celebrations of the past and venues for any number of recreational pastimes.

A major accomplishment in the county over the past decade has been the development of the Iron Horse Trail. This great outdoors facility follows the abandoned railway right-of-way through a natural wonderland of aspen, pine and spruce forests, around peaceful lakes, through the rolling hills and over 18 trestles for nearly 300 kilometres. Hikers, cyclists, snowmobilers, ATV and horse riders and will be rewarded with a slower-paced view of the region and can enjoy the many tourist facilities along the way.

Not far from the Trail is the Fort George and Buckingham House Provincial Historic Site, which honours the contributions of aboriginal peoples and fur traders to the early commerce and settlement of Alberta. An interpretive tour of the remnants of the two forts will delight one and all.

With nearly 1,200 farms in the County of St. Paul, agriculture continues to be the driving force of its economy. From coarse grains to specialty crops, from forage to grasslands, from large beef operations to dairy, hog and poultry producers, the farm lifestyle and livelihood is still an attractive choice.

There are over 30 oil and gas companies exploring and extracting the county's rich resources and many small businesses service the industry's needs. The Canadian Salt Company's facility is the largest single venture in the municipality, producing salt products for home and commercial use.

As the County of St. Paul supports the development of new subdivisions, it continues to proudly provide a "Rural Choice" for its citizens.