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Land Use Bylaw No. 2013-50 – Manufactured Homes  


(1) A development permit shall be required for all new or moved in manufactured homes.

(2) A manufactured home shall be skirted from the floor level to the ground level which shall match the existing external finish of the manufactured home.

(3) The storage of any furniture, domestic equipment or seasonally used equipment shall occur in a covered storage building, or shall be screened either individually on the stall or lot or communally. The storage area or building shall conform to the local building, fire, electrical and plumbing codes.

(4) The following regulations apply to manufactured homes:

a. The hitch and wheels are to be removed from the manufactured home.
b. All manufactured homes shall be firmly placed on a foundation or base.
c. The property shall be grassed and landscaped within one year from the date of issue of the development permit.

(5) All accessory structures, such as patios, decks, porches, additions and skirting , shall be:

a. factory-prefabricated units or the equivalent thereof, and so designed and erected as to harmonize with the manufactured homes;
b. considered as part of the main building; and
c. erected only after obtaining a development permit.

(6) A person wishing to move an existing manufactured home onto a lot shall make application for a development Permit in the usual way but also provide the following information:

a. Age, size and structural condition of the manufactured home;
b. Photographs showing all sides of the manufactured home; and
c. A statement of the proposed improvements.

(7) The Development Officer shall request inspection of the manufactured home more than 10 years of age as of date of application which is proposed to be moved in by a qualified Safety Codes Officer and report back. The expenses of such inspection shall be paid by the applicant before any Development Permit is issued.          (Mobile Home Inspection Form that complies with Bylaw)

(8) The Development Officer may issue a Development Permit for the proposed manufactured home without conditions, or subject to such conditions as he/she deems it necessary to ensure that the manufactured home is renovated to a satisfactory standard.

(9) The Development Officer may require security in the form of cash, performance bond, letter of credit, etc. of up to $5,000 to guarantee satisfactory completion of work stipulated in the Development Permit.