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Pest Control


Declaration of pest or nuisance:

Subject to subsection, if the Minister considers that an animal, bird, insect, plant or disease is destroying or harming or is likely to destroy or harm any land, livestock or property in all or part of Alberta, the Minister may, by regulation, declare the animal, bird, insect, plant or disease to be pest, or a nuisance.
The duty of local the local municipality is to take active measures to prevent the establishment of, or to control and destroy, pests in the municipality.
The County of St. Paul has conducted and will continue to conduct surveys of crops during the summer to keep a vigilant eye out to prevent pests from establishing and to contain when found within the municipality.

Surveys and pest monitored                      


Grasshoppers, Bertha army worms and wheat midge   

  • Fusarium head blight (Fusarium graminearum);
  • Clubroot (Plasmodiophora brassicae).
  • Any other pest deemed necessary by ASB

Livestock Predation

The County of St. Paul #19 will offer domestic livestock producer’s assistance when livestock is being threatened and damaged. Various methods can be used to try and help producers protect their herds. Not to be used as a population control tactic.
Traps are available to help with magpie and skunk problems that producers may have.

Richardson’s Ground Squirrels

The County’s Ag. Service Department, as a certified government agent, sells strychnine bait products to farmers for the control of Richardson’s Ground Squirrels. The program runs in the spring when they first emerge on into the summer. Spring is the best time to use baits when food sources are scarce. Check in the spring for availability and pricing.
Liquid Strychnine now available 


The County of St. Paul has services available to remove beavers that cause flooding to farmland and or property. Licensed blasters will remove dams for a $200.00 / dam. Beaver dam removal application form.

Wild Boars

Over the past few years the Agricultural Service Boards (ASBs) and Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) have been working cooperatively to control, with the hopes of eradicating, wild boars at large throughout the province. When running at large, these animals pose a threat to the safety of people and property and as such have declared a pest under the Agricultural Pests Act.

County of St. Paul No. 19 has recently entered into an agreement with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development whereby individuals submitting wild boar at large ears will be reimbursed $50/pair of ears. Individuals will be required to complete a declaration before payment will be made.
Individuals wishing to participate in this program should contact their local Assistant Fieldman at work 780-645-3006. This pilot program will be reviewed on an on-going basis to ensure that the program is meeting the needs of the municipalities and is being effective in controlling the spread of wild boars at large.