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Planning & Development

Planning and Development

Looking to Build? Need a Permit? Please follow the Five Step process to a successful application.

1. Review the Bylaw

2. Review Development Permit Information and Select what you are building.
Development Permit Information
New Home (Stick Build)
RTM/ Modular
Detached Garage
Shed/ Skidded Buildings

If other, please contact Chelsey Cartron

3. Review the cost: Permit fees

4. Fill out a permit application
Permit Applications
1. Development Permit

2. Building Permit

3. Electrical Permit

4. Gas Permit

5. Plumbing Permit

6. Private Sewage Permit

5. Send your filled out documents as attachments to an email to Chelsey Cartron from the County of St. Paul Planning and Development Department.

Projects and Plans

Area Structure Plans
Municipal Development Plan
Inter-Municipal Development Plan: Rural
Thank you to all participants who contributed feedback through the stakeholder meetings, open house and online survey. The feedback is helping to inform the creation of the Inter-municipal Development Plans.

A summary of the engagement is available here.

The Inter-municipal Development Plans are currently being drafted and reviewed. They will be presented to Council in the fall and a public hearing will provide a final opportunity for public input.

More information about Inter-municipal Development Plans can be found here.

Draft IDPs

Select the IDP Draft to view it in more detail.

Inter-Municipal Development Plan: Urban
Recent amendments made to the Municipal Government Act (MGA) by the Province of Alberta require all municipalities to adopt Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks (ICFs) with each municipal neighbor that shares a common boundary. ICFs promote intermunicipal collaboration, specifically in relation to the provision of services to residents.

To fulfill this mandate, the County of St. Paul, along with its municipal partners the Town of St. Paul, Town of Elk Point, and Summer Village of Horseshoe Bay engaged Transitional Solutions Inc. to facilitate the development of ICFs between each urban municipality and the County.

To learn more, view the ICF website.


Forms and Maps