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Snow Removal and Snow Flags

When there is a heavy snow storm or other major weather event, the County snow removal crews are removing snow and sanding all of the County roads before removing the snow off of driveways.

If the snow is lighter then the County snow removal crews will be able to remove snow from driveways along their snowplow routes if snow flags are on the rural address sign and are visible.

All snow will be removed from County roads within five days of snowfall.

Snow Flags

To register for the snow flag program, please complete these 4 steps.

1. Review our Snow Flag Policy
  • Click here to review the County Snow Flag Policy.
2. Sign a Snow Plow/blading Agreement.
3. Visit one of our Office Locations to pick up a Snow Flag.
4. Make your Snow Flag visible.
  • Install your snow flag on your Rural Address Sign

Drainage Issues

The County conducts maintenance of drainage pipes, otherwise known as culverts, during the Spring and Summer seasons. Culverts are important because they help storm water management and where water goes in the County.

Installing culvertInstalling culvertFinish Product

What a culvert should not look like. If you see a culvert that looks like this, or that you suspect is frozen, plugged or washed out, please contact the County Public Works office.
  • Washout: The culvert is too small and can not handle the flow of the water, as a result, the water will naturally make a new path. 
  • Frozen: The intake side of the culvert will have pooled water and the other side will have no flow or minimal water coming out.
  • Plugged: The intake side of the culvert is blocked with debris, such as grass and trees, and there is minimal to no flow out of the other side.