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Rural Addressing


Your rural address is not your mailing address. To apply for a rural address please fill out the form by clicking here.

Then email it as an attachment to Crystal St.Arnault at

What is the municipal addressing system?

Modeled after the address system found in most major cities, the Municipal Addressing System is widely used by rural Municipalities throughout Alberta. In the County of St. Paul each property is designated a Municipal Address that relates to the range road, township road or named road from which the property’s driveway is built. Help us find you more quickly in an emergency.

For properties outside of multi–parcel subdivisions: 
  • Addresses are referenced off of the range roads, township roads or named roads. 
  • Address numbers increase going North and West. 
  • Even address numbers are on the North and West side of the roads and odd addresses are on the South and East side. 

For properties in multi–parcel subdivisions: 
  • Addresses are referenced from where the internal subdivision road comes off of the range road or township road (if the subdivision has more than one entrance, one entrance is arbitrarily chosen as being the address identifier). 
  • Lots are assigned a number in a clockwise direction wherever possible.  

County of St. Paul encourages everyone to keep their Municipal Address signs posted. The sign will make it easier for visitors to locate your property, but more importantly, it will help emergency crews find you more quickly in case of emergency. 

Covering an area of 3297.74 square kilometers, the County of St. Paul emergency crews strive to respond to 9-1-1 calls in the most effective and timely manner possible. A crew is likely to find the exact site more quickly if there is a Municipal Address sign to provide additional direction. 

Know your Municipal Address

Though keeping your Municipal Address sign posted is important, all County residents should know their Municipal Address. It is a good idea to write your address down and place it near the phone so it is readily available in case someone in your household must report an emergency on your property.