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Strategic Plan

County of St Paul No. 19 Strategic and Operational Plan

“Strategic Planning is a process by which we can envision the future and develop the necessary procedures and operations to influence and achieve that future” - Clark Crouch

Currently the County of St. Paul updates the Strategic Plan every four months, that includes all the actions the Council and Administration are taking to better where you live. This Strategic Plan provides Council’s priority direction to administration in moving St. Paul County forward in achieving the vision.

Vision: The County of St. Paul is a vibrant community which values a high quality of life, balancing rural heritage with a diverse economy.

All direction give to administration is to be fulfilled adhering to the values of the County:
  • Balance
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Service/Serving

2018 Strategic Plan - 3rd Quarter

2018 Strategic Plan - 2nd Quarter

2018 Strategic Plan - 1st Quarter

Regional Strategic Business Plan

Currently the County of St. Paul, Town of St. Paul, Town of Elk Point, and Summer Village of Horseshoe bay are working together to provide appropriate services and share costs for the provision of these services for the betterment of the residents of our collective municipalities. We will collaboratively work together to obtain funding where appropriate to achieve our goals.

Our Vision: "The St. Paul region will be a united group of energetic and diverse communities recognized for their leadership, community spirit and extraordinary quality of life."

Our Mission: "To meet the needs of the St. Paul Region through leadership, cooperation, collaboration, education, and public service excellence.

Our Values: Accountability, Continuous Learning and Improvement, Inclusion, and Service Excellence

Accountability: We respond to the changing needs of residents and other organizations by providing transparent government and the implementation of best practices within a framework of financial prudence

Continuous Learning and Improvement: We support life-long learning and commitment to innovation, research, knowledge exchange and ongoing program evaluation.

Inclusion: We provide an accessible, inclusive environment that values the diversity of our staff and community.

Service Excellence: We encourage professional excellence through collaboration, partnerships, innovation and teamwork in an environment that fosters trust and respect.

2017 Regional Strategic Business Plan - 3rd Quarter

For more information, please contact our main office at 780-645-3301.