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Strategic Plan

County of St. Paul Strategic Plan

The purpose of this plan is to establish the County’s attention to the importance of high quality Administration, FCSS, Community Services, Public Works and Communications.

Our Mission: To create desirable rural experiences.

Our Vision: To be the leader in rural success.

This plan emphasizes the strategies each department will focus on in 2019 and each operational plan outlines how the County will achieve them. Each department operational plan is aligned with the County of St. Paul Strategic Plan and will be evaluated and reviewed annually.

To view the 4th quarter Strategic Plan for 2018, please select this link.

This is the Strategic plan for 2019:

Operation Plan update for the second quarter of 2019 (April to June)
Operational Plan update for the first quarter of 2019 (January to March).  

County of St. Paul Strategic Plan

County of St. Paul Operational Plans


Select this link to view the Administration Operational Plan.

Select this link to view the Community Services Operational Plan.

Select this link to view the Family and Community Support Services Operational Plan.

Select this link to view the Public Works Plan.

Select this link to view the Communications Operational Plan.

Regional Strategic Business Plan

Currently the County of St. Paul, Town of St. Paul, Town of Elk Point, and Summer Village of Horseshoe bay are working together to provide appropriate services and share costs for the provision of these services for the betterment of the residents of our collective municipalities. We will collaboratively work together to obtain funding where appropriate to achieve our goals.

Vision: The St. Paul region will be a united group of energetic and diverse communities recognized for their leadership, community spirit and extraordinary quality of life.

Mission: To meet the needs of the St. Paul Region through leadership, cooperation, collaboration, education, and public service excellence.


We respond to the changing needs of residents and other organizations by providing transparent government and the implementation of best practices within a framework of financial prudence

Continuous Learning and Improvement: We support life-long learning and commitment to innovation, research, knowledge exchange and ongoing program evaluation.

Inclusion: We provide an accessible, inclusive environment that values the diversity of our staff and community.

Service Excellence:
We encourage professional excellence through collaboration, partnerships, innovation and teamwork in an environment that fosters trust and respect.

2017 Regional Strategic Business Plan - 3rd Quarter

For more information, please contact our main office at 780-645-3301.