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Utilities in the County of St. Paul

Three Ways to Pay

1. Utility Pre-Authorized Debit Payment (PAD) Agreement

Utility Customers can still apply to have their water and sewer bills withdrawn from their bank account. The monthly withdrawal will be the actual invoice amount; it will not be pro-rated. Contact the County Main Office.  Access the application form here: Application Form.

2. By Mail

Send your payment to County of St. Paul No. 19 5015-49 Avenue, St. Paul, Alberta T0A 3A4

3. In Person

We accept cash, cheques, interact, mastercard and visa for your convenience. As well, you will find a mail slot at the main county doors for after hour payments.

Overdue Accounts and Penalties

Utilities are invoiced the second week of the month. The Billing Period covers from the first day to the last day of the previous month. Invoices are due when rendered. A penalty of 1.5% is charged on any outstanding amounts the day following the penalty date. Services may be disconnected if a bill is outstanding after 60 days. A $100.00 fee will be levied to reconnect the service. All Utility Services shall be billed to the registered owners of a building and/or lot.

Effective July 30th any water/sewer accounts that are 90 days in arrears will be transferred to the property tax account and become subject to penalties. Residents will continue to receive their monthly invoices and will be notified when their account is 60 days past due. Following that, residents will receive a disconnection letter via mail and will be given 2 weeks to pay their overdue account. Any amounts remaining 90 days in arrears, will be transferred to the tax roll without further notification.

Water in Your Home

Monthly Utility Rates

Lottie Lake

  • Fixed Costs $60.00
  • Consumption (Water - $5.03 per cubic meter)
  • Fixed Costs $26.00
  • Sewer Service Fee $20.00
  • Consumption- (Water- $3.49 per cubic meter)
  • Fixed Cost $60.00
  • Sewer Service Fee $10.00
  • Consumption- (Water - $5.03 per cubic meter)
Ashmont Regional (Rg Rd 112 Line)
  • Fixed Costs $28.57
  • Consumption (Water-$2.24 per cubic Meter)
Elk Point Regional (Iron Horse Trail Line)
  • Fixed Costs $51.65
  • Consumption (Water-$2.10 per cubic Meter)
Summer Residents
Summer Residents are charged the fixed rate year round as of March 14, 2017.
The meter measures water flow into the home, and is used to determine water and sewer charges. A wire connects the meter to an automatic reading box (ARB) outside the house, which the municipality uses to read the meter without entering the home.

The household meter has a mechanical, digital (odometer-like) counter, and a red indicator, which is about 2 inches long. The meter reads in cubic meters, where one cubic meter is about 220 imperial gallons. The black odometer numbers on the white background are cubic meters,
The water meter can also be used to test for household leaks. To perform a test, make sure everything is turned off, including:
  • toilets, sinks, automatic water sprinklers, hoses, automatic humidifiers, automatic ice machines, automatic drinking water filters or reverse osmosis devices.
If you suspect a leak, please call your service provider to make an appointment for a technician to check your meter. If you have recently moved and would like your water meter hooked up, please call your service provider to have it installed.

Town of St. Paul Water Cardlock System
The Town of St. Paul offers a Water Cardlock System located at our Meter House (40th Street South) e.g. you can purchase $100.00 worth of water which would equal 4400 gallons. For further information, please call 780-645-4481 between the hours of 8:30 am - 4:30 pm (Monday - Friday).

Utilities Consumer Advocate

This website compares electricity and gas prices in the area, historical rates, and can provide assistance in resolving water and energy utility related issues:

Utilities Consumer advocate website
Price Comparisons
Historic Rates
Providing Help to Mediate Utility Issues