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Weed and brush Control

The County of St. Paul # 19 is dedicated to reducing the establishment and spread of noxious and nuisance weeds. To accomplish this the county does many activities to help keep this program working.
  • Road side Spray program
  • Road side mowing program
  • Seed Plant Inspections
  • Road side seeding Program
  • Back slopping program
     Spraying Map
During the summer months the ASB staff is kept busy by spraying around 500 roadside miles annually. This control method is used to stop the establishment of such weeds as Common Tansy, ox-eyed daisy, field Scabious, toad flax, Scentless chamomile and Canada or sow Thistle. Brush is also sprayed to slow down encroachment on roadsides.
The County does recognize that not all producers use herbicide on their farm or acreage. The County does offer a No-Spray Agreement. A No–Spray Agreement is to be signed annually and is only in affect until July 1st annually to control the weeds to the satisfaction of the ASB staff. It is up to the landowner to contact the ASB staff if they would like an extension past the 1st of July. Please contact our Public Works department for more information on agreements.
Annually the ASB staff does inspections on our Local Seed cleaning plants stationary and mobile. The purpose is to stop the spread of weed seeds and disease. Seed lots are inspected to ensure they are clean of weed seeds and that seed lots are protect from seed lot contamination.
New road construction and disturbed land with in the municipality are seeded with certified seed and lots are checked for weeds prior to seeding so weeds are not brought on to road ways or producers land. We use combinations of grasses annual and perennial that will establish quickly. Combinations depend on soil type, location and flood tolerance and other problems that may arise.
The County will help producers recover some cost when they open up fence lines along roads that make intersections safer for drivers. Brushing corners and recovering farmland that was unusable prior.
All Chemical jugs that are to be disposed of in a proper manner according to Alberta Environment can be taken to Evergreen Regional Landfill south of St. Paul.