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Council Highlights for May 8, 2018

Posted on Tuesday May 08, 2018 at 07:11AM

Highlights for May 8, 2018 Council Meeting

2018 Property Tax Notices – were mailed out on May 11. If you do not receive your notice, contact Carolyn at 645-3301, ext. 215 to ensure that the County has your correct mailing address on file. The County Office will be open during the lunch hour from June 1st to 30th to accommodate ratepayers during property tax season.

Transfer Station Free Freon Removal – the County in partnership with the Town of St. Paul, Town of Elk Point and Evergreen Regional Waste Commission will waive the charge to remove Freon from fridges, freezers and water coolers from May 13 to May 26, disposed of at all landfills and transfer stations.

Fundraising Opportunity for Non-Profit Organizations – The County is looking for a group to assist with clean up after the rodeo performances. The group will work with another group selected by the Town of St. Paul and will receive a $1250 honorarium from the Town of St. Paul. The group who cleans after the rodeo performances this year will then work the rodeo supper in 2019 and receive all the proceeds from the supper ($2700 to $3300). If you are interested in this fundraiser or would like more information, contact Phyllis at 780-645-3301, ext. 203.

Bylaws – Council approved a new Installment Tax Payment Plan Bylaw 2018-08 to provide flexibility for residents to apply to the payment plan at any time during the year, provided the property taxes are paid in full by year end. The updated bylaw provides administration the ability to maximize the plan while working with residents to keep their property taxes current.

Council also gave first reading to Bylaw 2018-09 to lend $55,000 to the St. Paul Quarterback’s Club for the shortfall for their lighting project on the football field and track. The money is to be paid back over eleven years. The bylaw will be brought back to the June Council meeting for final approval.

Ashmont Truck Fill – The Ashmont truck fill upgrade has been completed and as a result will no longer accept coins. Payment can now be made using Credit Card, Applepay or Google pay. Residents also have the choice to set up a pre-paid account which will then be accessed using a pin number. The application form for the pre-paid account must be completed at the County office. For more information contact Paulette at 780-645-3301, ext. 205.

Ashmont Mallaig Regional Waterline – construction on the Ashmont/Mallaig waterline has started outside the hamlet of Mallaig. The water pump upgrade to get water to Mallaig has commenced and is expected to be completed by July. The anticipated completion date for water to be flowing to the hamlet of Mallaig is late fall 2018.


  • $500 – Skills Canada Alberta Provincial Competition – Regional High School
  • $500 – Badminton Provincials – Regional High Schools
  • $500 – Girls Team Handball Provincials – Mallaig School
  • $700 – Cork Hall 70th Anniversary
  • $1000 – Heritage Lodge Auxiliary – Sr. Transportation Grant
  • $2,000 – Elk Point Canada Day Celebration
  • $7,500 – Town of St. Paul Canada Day
For more information contact Sheila Kitz, CAO, County of St. Paul At 780-645-3301, ext. 208

Author: County of St. Paul


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