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Council Highlights for June 12

Posted on Tuesday June 19, 2018 at 03:48PM

2018 Property Tax Notices – were mailed out on May 11 and payments are due by June 30. If you did not receive your notice, contact Carolyn at 645-3301, ext. 215 to ensure that the County has your correct mailing address on file. The County Office will be open during the lunch hour from June 1st to 30th to accommodate ratepayers during property tax season.

Signage at Entrance to Subdivisions – Following requests from County residents, Council agreed to replace the subdivision signs at the entrance to the lakes and acreage subdivisions. The new signs will have the 911 rural address numbers displayed rather than the lot numbers which are currently posted and will correspond with the green signs that are erected at the approach of each property.

Ag Service Board – has started the roadside mowing and spraying program. The roads that will be affected by the spray program will be available on the County website. If residents do not want spraying done in front of their property, they must sign an agreement and pick up “No Spray” signs to be posted. The County’s no spray policy outlines the owner’s responsibility to maintain the portion of roadway between the boundary of their property and the centerline of the road allowance. The policy can be viewed on the County website.

Bylaws – Council gave administration further direction to amend the Code of Conduct Bylaw, which is a new requirement of the Municipal Government Act. The final draft of the bylaw will be presented at the July 6th Council Meeting for approval.

Council approved Bylaw 2018-09 to lend $55,000 to the St. Paul Quarterback’s Club for the shortfall for their lighting project on the football field and track. The money will be paid back to the County in 10 equal payments, the first payment being May 2019.

Fee Schedule Bylaw 2018-11 and Fire Protection Bylaw 2018-12 were also approved by Council. The amendments to the Fee Schedule Bylaw update the rates charged for fire calls which effected the wording in the Fire Protection Bylaw.

- $500 each – Track & Field Provincials – Regional High Schools/FG Miller High School
- $500 – Provincial U16C Bantam Girls, St. Paul Minor Ball
- $1,200 – St. Paul Municipal Seed Cleaning Association for Defibrillator
- $5,000 – Portage College Food Preneur Event
- $2,000 – Elk Point Pickle Ball Club
- $3,340 – St. Lina Senior Citizens
- $5623.89 – Mann Lakes Golf Course
- $12,000 – Boscombe Hall matching funds for a CIP Grant

July Council Meeting has been rescheduled to Friday July 6th at 10:00 a.m. as the regular
scheduled date conflicts with the 2018 ASB Summer Tour.

For more information contact Sheila Kitz, CAO, County of St. Paul at 780-645-3301, ext. 208 

Author: County of St. Paul


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