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Council Highlights for July 6

Posted on Wednesday July 11, 2018 at 02:50PM


July 6, 2018 Council Meeting

– Council approved the Councillor Code of Conduct Bylaw, governing the conduct of Councillors consistent with the principles of transparent and accountable government. Council also approved a Policy to establish reasons, guidelines and procedures for conducting Public Participation and create opportunities for meaningful engagement in decisions that directly impact the Public. They are requirements of the new Municipal Government Act.

Council updated policies relating to Rodeo Supper Funding and Grant Funding for Sports teams. Policies were also approved for Playground Inspections and Parks Inspections at County owned facilities and Take-it-or-Leave-it Areas for Class III Landfills and Waste Transfer Facilities. The Bylaw and Policies can be viewed on the County website.

Transfer Unpaid Water/Sewer Accounts to Property Taxes – Effective July 30th any water/sewer accounts that are 90 days in arrears will be transferred to the property tax account and become subject to penalties. Residents will continue to receive their monthly invoices and will be notified when their account is 60 days past due. Following that, residents will receive a disconnection letter via mail and will be given 2 weeks to pay their overdue account. Any amounts remaining 90 days in arrears, will be transferred to the tax roll without further notification.

Utility Customers can still apply to have their water and sewer bills withdrawn from their bank account. The monthly withdrawal will be the actual invoice amount; it will not be pro-rated. The application form is available on the County website or residents can contact the County Office.

Auditing Services – Following a Request for Proposal process for auditing services, Synergy Chartered Accountants was appointed as the auditors for the County of St. Paul, County of St. Paul FCSS and County of St. Paul Library Board for a four-year term effective 2018.

Boat Launches – Council and staff continue to receive complaints regarding the condition of boat launches at County Municipal parks as well as at other lake subdivisions in the County. Council has agreed to focus on repairing and maintaining the boat launches in the Municipal Campgrounds. In order to do any work in the water, the County requires approval from Alberta Environment. The approval process requires engineering, design, biological studies, and other technical reports that take significant time to prepare and then need to be reviewed and approved by Alberta Environment before a boat launch can be repaired. The County received approval for the upgrade to the Lac Bellevue Boat Launch located in the Lac Bellevue Municipal park in 2017, however due to water levels at that lake, the current boat launch is working as it should be. The County is currently working on approval to upgrade the boat launch at the Stoney Lake Municipal Park. Council has asked Administration to draft a letter to Alberta Environment requesting that the maintenance work on boat launches be subject
to a different regulatory process that would allow municipalities to do repairs as they arise.

Moosehills Road – The County has received a Strategic Transportation Infrastructure Program (STIP) Grant which will cover 50% of the costs of Phase 1 and 2 on the Moosehills Road repair, estimated at just over $2 million. The grant application included 25% funding from industry and 25% funding from the County. County Council determined that the municipal portion would be funded from the current Capital budget as an equipment purchase was deferred to another year leaving those funds available to fund this rather than borrowing to complete the project. Administration has been working with the engineers to come up with specifications to tender the project which will involve lowering the road 1.8 meters in the slide area. The project is expected to be tendered for fall construction and then it will be monitored for one to two seasons before determining if further repairs are required.

Richland Road – Construction of Range Road 74 (Richland Road) is now complete. The County is applying a road stabilization product from Guardian Chemicals. This product provides stabilization and dust suppression that maintains the safety and longevity of the road. Once this product is cured, the surface of the road will be chip sealed. Heavy traffic will not be allowed on the road until the product properly cures.

Once the Richland Road surface is finished the County will be changing the signage at the intersection of TWP Rd 564 and RGE RD 74. The intersection is currently signed as a four way stop. This will become a two way stop with stop signs on TWP RD 564 only. Council will also be considering a bylaw to change the speed limit from 80 km to 50 km/hour on RGE RD 74 from Highway 646 south to TWP RD 562.

- $100 – NEAT Rodeo Mile
- $500 – U12 Squirts Softball Provincials
- $1,000 – Mallaig Museum – Antique Tractor and Car Show

Author: County of St. Paul


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