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Development Permit

Development Permit

Posted on Monday March 04, 2019 at 12:02PM

 The County of St. Paul issues Development Permits on a regular basis.  The following permits have been issued for Discretionary Uses:

  • SW 11-57-6-W4 - Natural Resources Extraction (Gravel Pit)
  • NW 2-57-6-W4 - Natural Resources Extraction (Gravel Pit)
  • Lot 23, Block A, Plan 7520204, NW 30-60-11-W4 - Accessory Building to be 4.50' to South property line instead of 4.92'
  • Lot 30, Block 1, Plan 7521646, SE 14-57-10-W4 - Accessory Building without single family dwelling

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Author: County of St. Paul


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