Buffalo Trail North and Buffalo Trail South Intermunicipal Area Structure Plans

The County of St Paul (the County), Town of Elk Point (the Town) and ISL have completed a review of current Town and County policies, bylaws, prepared transportation studies and market analyses, and conducted environmental reviews to support the development of two Intermunicipal Area Structure Plans (IASP), one at the north gateway to Elk Point and one at the south gateway to Elk Point. In addition, we’ve had discussions with plan area landowners and interested parties to learn about their concerns and plans for the future to inform the development of the draft Buffalo Trail North IASP and Buffalo Trail South IASP.

We are now entering the final phase of the projects. Based on the background review and community feedback collected, the County, Town and ISL have prepared draft IASPs for both gateways which includes a development concept and policies that direct future development in the study areas.

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Contact us or visit the Town, County, or project websites www.buffalotrailsouthasp.ca to read more about the IASP projects.

Ken Gwozdz, CAO
Town of Elk Point
[email protected]
Sheila Kitz, CAO
County of St. Paul
780-645-3301 ext. 1208
[email protected]