Bylaw 2023-10 Tax Rate Bylaw

At the April 26 Public Works Meeting, County Council passed Bylaw 2023-10 Tax Rate. Link to Bylaw

Section 353(1) of the Municipal Government Act states that Council must pass a property tax bylaw annually.  Section 353(2) states that the property tax bylaw authorizes council to impose a tax in respect of property to the municipality to raise revenue to be used toward the payment of (a) the expenditures and transfers set out in the budget of the municipalities, and (b) the requisitions.

2023 property tax increases are a result of any increases to property assessments, and the mandate by the province that all municipalities partially fund policing.

The County’s contribution to the policing fund in 2023 is $500,728 up from $333,580 in 2022.  The County covers the cost of this funding by increasing the Municipal Tax Rate across all assessment classes. The increase for the Municipal Tax rate for policing in 2023 is 0.0838.

Council also increase Non-Residential Property Tax Rate by 0.5.  This affects all Non-Residential Property owners except those business owners that successfully applied under the Bylaw 2022-20 Non-Residential Small Business Sub-Class.  Small Business Non-Residential Properties would be subject to the increase of 0.0838 which is the increase associated with policing.