County Career

Director of Community Services

Company Name: County of St. Paul

Job Name: Director of Community Services

Department / Division: Community Services

Location: St. Paul, Alberta

Start Date:

Closing Date: 27/01/2023

Job Description

Reporting to and receiving direction from the County of St. Paul (the County) Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), the Director of Community Services performs a broad range of administrative and management functions for the County in relation to services provided in the community. The Director, proceeding in accordance with legislation, the strategic plans, bylaws, policies, and expectations of the County, is responsible for providing supervision to FCSS Services, Bylaw Enforcement, Waste and Agricultural Services, Fire Services, Cemetery Services, and Parks and Recreation Services.

Specific areas of responsibility include input into strategic planning; developing tactical and operational plans; recommending operational policies and procedures; accountability for departmental budgets and financial management within department; participating on related municipal, community, or regional boards; ensuring all decisions within the department are consistent with human resources, safety, and operational policies; and developing and maintaining an engaged, productive, and safe workforce. The Director will be a Board Director on the County of St. Paul Community Association and hold the Officer position of Treasurer.  Additionally, the Director of Community Services may act in the absence of the County CAO.

Key Responsibilities

Operations Oversight (35%)

  • Mentoring and guiding the broader team to address concerns or issues prior to becoming a public relationship issue.
  • Responsible for approving and monitoring the general maintenance, operations, and safety issues within Parks and Cemeteries.
  • Providing advice to the public as a Fire Guardian for the County.
  • Responsible for developing and approving fire permits within the County.
  • Responsible for developing and implementing fire agreements with other governments & agencies.
  • Maintaining records of fire calls and the invoicing thereof if required.
  • Coordinating joint fire chief meetings.
  • Responsible for operating as the technical advisor for the St. Paul and Elk Point fire departments.
  • Coordinating and approving bin site development with Waste and Agricultural Services Manager.
  • In co-ordination with the Waste and Agricultural Services Manager provides direction to administration for waste removal and recycling at Transfer Stations and Landfills.
  • Responsible for developing and implementing of Transfer Station agreements with other government/agencies.
  • Approving contractors for demolitions disposal at landfills.
  • Acts as a resource person for the Bylaw Enforcement Officer and Evergreen Regional Waste Services Management Commission.
  • Attends Regional FCSS meetings. Reports back to CAO and ensures financial obligations are fulfilled.

Budgeting, Financial Management, and Capital Plan Execution (25%)

  • Preparing operating and capital budgets for Bylaw Enforcement, Waste and Agricultural Services, Fire Services, Cemetery Services, and Parks and Recreation services for the Municipality.
  • Preparing the asset management schedule for the Finance Officer.

Leadership, Supervision, and Human Resources (20%)

Maintaining a strong awareness of the internal culture and environment within the County; pro-actively addressing concerns with CAO, managers, supervisors, foreman, and other staff.

  • Responsible for the hiring, supervision, and performance management of directly reporting staff in: Parks and Recreation, Waste and Agricultural Services, Fire Services. and Bylaw Enforcement, workforce and staff planning for the department to fulfill the annual operating plans, as well as address future tactical and operating plans as indicated through the strategic planning process.

Strategic Planning; Tactical and Operational Planning for department (10%)

  • Providing input into strategic planning process for County of St. Paul Council and developing the tactical and departmental operational plan to support the strategic plan.
  • Responsible for the monthly reporting on the status of projects, key initiatives, or other goals/objectives or outcomes identified in tactical and operational plans.
  • Providing recommendations to CAO on operational policies for Bylaw Enforcement, Parks and Recreation, Waste and Agricultural Services (including Agricultural Service Board (ASB)), Cemetery Services, and Fire Services; ensuring approved policies are implemented and communicated and ensuring supporting operational processes and procedures are in place and carried out within the department.
  • Developing and maintaining a contact network with professionals in the field and counterparts in other municipalities.

Council Meetings, Committee Meetings, or Municipal/Community/Regional Boards (10%)

  • Attending regular and special meetings of Council and other committee and board meetings as requested, prepares a monthly Director’s report for Council at the monthly Public Works meeting, prepares agendas for Department meetings and manages ASB programs and policy development within the department.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

The following are required in this position:

  • Progressively responsible experience at a management level.
  • Knowledge and experience working with the public.
  • Ability to build and manage relationships and resolve issues and conflict in an effective, inclusive, transparent, and calm manner and grow a team to be successful.
  • Ability to manage multiple, and often conflicting, priorities, while maintaining attention to detail, accuracy, and meeting deadlines.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills that allow for clear communication of complex matters.

The following are considered assets or preferences in this position:

  • Experience with strategic planning and in the areas of Bylaw Enforcement, Cemeteries, Recreation, Fire, Waste Management, and/or Agriculture Services.


The County of St. Paul offers an excellent benefit and pension package, a competitive salary, and will negotiate within the position’s salary range based on experience and qualifications.

Competition Deadline and Resumes

If you are interested in this opportunity, please forward your cover letter, resume, and references by Friday January 27, 2023, 4:30 p.m.  to [email protected]