Clarification About Pihew Waciy Wind Power Project

Tthe County of St. Paul No. 19 would like to clarify that wind farms are regulated (approved or refused) by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC), which is a Provincial agency. Under Section 619 of the Municipal Government Act, an approval from the AUC prevails over any decision of the County.

If the AUC approves this project, the Municipal Government Act requires the municipality to approve any development permit application to the extent that it complies with the AUC approval.

To the County’s knowledge the proponent, Northland Power, has not yet completed its application to the AUC nor has it made any application to the County.

If Northland Power gains approval from the AUC and submits a development permit application to the County of St. Paul, the County will ensure that the regulations outlined in our Land Use Bylaw for Wind Energy Conversion Systems are adhered to.

To meet the AUC’s requirements, Northland Power must undertake public consultation in the area proposed for the development, prior to submitting an application to the AUC.