Armistice Road – Oiling Update

Those of you who travel Armistice may be wondering why the oil that the County’s Public Works laid last year has already broken up. The reason is as follows:

Last year we completed Rip & Pack of all suspect soft areas. This was time intensive and involved digging out all soft organic materials and replacing it with good base clay and gravel. This left Armistice with numerous open patches. Due to the majority of the road being still oil, we had to do something to “seal” the road for the winter and allow the blading trucks to perform their winter clearing without hitting the open gravel sections. We oiled only one lift (2”) on these sections in order to finish prior to winter.

Fast forward to spring and seeding season and these patches are now all unravelling. This is something we were expecting, as this year we planned to overlay each with 2-3 lifts of Cold Mix.

We are starting on Armistice again next week (July 25th) and will be reclaiming those sections and then overlaying with Cold Mix. We will not get the entire road done but the progress will be notable and we will continue to address next year until the entire road is tied in.

Please be patient with our crews and above all else reduce your speed on this roadway.

Thank you.