County Buildings closed due to COVID-19

County of St. Paul Council passed several motions on March 16, 2020 regarding the closure to the public for access to the County Administration Office, Public Works, Ashmont and Mallaig Fire Halls and the Ashmont and Mallaig Community Libraries.  These closures are to reduce the spread of COVID-19, otherwise known as the Coronavirus.

Effective immediately, non-essential visitors to the County Administration Office will be restricted.  The Offices are closed to public admittance.

Residents wishing to make a payment can do so through the drop box located at the front entrance.   County administration, however, encourages the public to use on-line payments if possible.  Please see the County’s website for more information.

Individuals wanting to drop off or pick up their income tax forms under the Community Volunteer Income Tax can do so at the back entrance of the Administration Building.   Individuals who qualify for the program and want their income tax prepared under the program need to sign an Income Tax Authorization Form.  This form can be mailed to individuals by contacting the FCSS Office at 780-645-1950.

The Public Works Shop will be closed to public access.

While many of our staff virtually to reduce potential spread of COVID-19 within our facilities, we will continue to answer phone calls and emails. The public can expect that most issues will be dealt with over the phone or through email rather than in person.

The Fire Halls at Ashmont and Mallaig are closed to the public.

The Community Libraries in Ashmont and Mallaig are closed.

The County would like to reassure the public that County essential services will continue for road maintenance, water and wastewater, waste management, and fire.

The County of St. Paul Council and administration will continuously monitor the COVID-19 situation and update the public regarding changes as required.  We appreciate your understanding of these measures taken at this time.