County of St. Paul concerned about Alberta Government proposed changes to Assessment Model

Full release

The Alberta government is proposing changes to the Assessment Model for regulated industrial properties such as wells and pipelines that will negatively impact the County of St. Paul revenues and has the potential to increase taxes for its residents.

“The County of St. Paul is very concerned about these proposed changes,” says Steve Upham, Reeve.  “We know that our residents can’t afford massive tax increases and the County can’t afford huge cuts to their revenue base …  The County will be forced to make some very difficult decisions regarding levels of service and tax rates for the County which will have far reaching effects.  Residents and County operations will suffer.” 

Based on the various scenarios presented regarding the change to the assessment of these industrial properties, in order to maintain current service levels the County of St. Paul would need to do one of or a combination of:
– increasing its residential tax rate by between 49% and 89.7%,
– increasing the non-residential tax rate by 12.5% to 25.5%,
– reducing service levels and the number of County employees by 22.6% to 41.4%.

The County will likely be forced to consider reductions in funding that makes the County and the communities within the County better places to live.  This includes funding to ag societies, recreation facilities, community halls, libraries, school teams, sports teams, Chambers of Commerce, and scholarships.

What you can do.  Contact the Premier and other government members.  Let them know you oppose these changes.  Premier and government representative contacts:

Premier Jason Kenney        
phone  780-427-2251
email  [email protected]

David Hanson, MLA
Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul
phone  780-826-5658
email  [email protected]

Glenn van Dijken, MLA
phone  780-674-3225
email  [email protected]

Hon. Sonya Savage
Minister of Energy
phone  780-427-3740
email  [email protected]

Hon. Kaycee Madu
Minister of Municipal Affairs
phone  780-427-3744
email  [email protected]