Public Notice

Notice is hereby given that the Council of the County of St. Paul No. 19 is considering Bylaw No. 2023-02 and Bylaw No. 2023-03, which are Bylaws to rescind License agreements for undeveloped road allowances that are no longer required for the following locations:

Bylaw 2014-28:       Between NE 12-61-12-W4 and NW 7-61-11-W4;

                                              SE 12-61-12-W4 and SW 7-61-11-W4

 Bylaw 2013-04:       Between SE 17-59-11-W4 and SW 16-59-11-W4

Any person claiming to be affected by cancelling these License Agreements, may appeal in writing within fourteen (14) days of this advertisement to:

County Council
County of St. Paul No. 19
5015 – 49 Avenue
St. Paul, AB   T0A 3A4

For further information, contact Crystal St. Arnault at 780-645-3301, ext. 1202

Crystal St. Arnault
Taxation and Assessment Technician

Dated:  January 17, 2023
County of St. Paul No. 19