Trash Talk – Let’s Talk about Paint

Left over paint can be recycled at the County Transfer Stations.  Since the Paint Recycling program began in Alberta in 2008, 26.9 million litres of waste paint has been recycled.  That’s enough to paint 403,903 homes!

Find out what paint products can be brought to the Transfers Stations in the latest edition of ‘Trash Talk’ that is on the Waste Management website.

Information is now available to help residents with what goes into the landfills and what gets recycled at the Transfer Stations. Disposing of unusable goods is ‘Safe for you, Safe for the environment’.

The latest information on recycling and waste management can be found on the ‘Waste Management’ page

Past issues contain information on lightbulbs, on demolition materials, recycling hearing aids and eyeglasses, tires and burnables.