Snow Clearing Update – November 15, 2022

Gravel Roads:

After the small snow fall on November 6 , the County held off the graders as we have been allowing the regular traffic to pack the roads. This allows the roads to set up a snow pack which helps prevent the operators from sending gravel into the ditches.

As of Monday November 14, the graders have been out on all designated routes although the roads are in relatively great shape. These are still passable even for small cars.

Paved & Oiled Roads:

All Paved & Oiled roads within the County have been addressed and continue to be bladed and sanded. The hamlets of Mallaig and Ashmont are being addressed during the week of November 14 and all lake subdivisions have seen action from the blading and sanding trucks.

Please drive with care around the graders and sanding trucks.  The grader operators will pull over to let you pass when there is a safe opportunity to do so.