Winter is here. Do you need a snow flag?

Changes to the County of St. Paul snow flag procedures

County residents (permanent or seasonal) can now purchase one flag for the entire winter.  One flag, less hassle and snow clearing for the entire winter.  Snow clearing service will be provided by the County on private residential driveways upon the accumulation of a minimum of six inches of snow for residents who have a snowplow agreement.

*  Flags purchased from November 1 to December 15, 2022 will cost $400.

*  Snow flags for the current winter season will not be sold after December 15, 2022 but residents can contact the  County for custom snow clearing at an hourly rate.

*  Residents can return flags already purchased and they will receive a credit for each flag returned.  The deadline to return flags is December 15, 2022.

*  There is no cost to seniors or persons with disabilities with a permanent residence within the County.

The flags can be purchased from the County of St. Paul Administration or Public Works offices or from the Town of Elk Point office during regular business hours.

Link to the Public Works page for Information, the Snow Plow Agreement and the Driveway Snow Removal Policy.