About St. Paul County

At the County of St. Paul, we work for you.

We are a strong, trusted partner for our residents, businesses, communities and neighbours and we strive each and every day to create opportunity that makes life better for all.


To create desirable rural experiences

Our official name is the County of St. Paul No. 19, and we strive to be a trailblazing and welcoming region with an outstanding community commitment. Our county encompasses numerous hamlets, including: Ashmont, Heinsburg, Mallaig, Lafond, Lindbergh, Lottie Lake, St. Edouard, St. Lina, and St. Vincent.


To be the leader in rural success


Census Highlights (2017)

Our most recent census was completed in 2017. The purpose of this census was to collect the most up-to-date and accurate information so that our municipality could receive appropriate grants from the Provincial and Federal Government based on population count.

Total population
Under 18 population
Population aged 18-64
Population aged 65+
Kilometers of Gravel Roads
Kilometers of Oiled Roads
Kilometers of Paved Roads

The County Management Team

Your county management team works day-in and day-out to provide the essential services people depend on and to create opportunity in our region.  Meet our management team below:

Jason Wallsmith
Chief Administrative Officer

[email protected]780-645-3301 ext. 1208

  • The Administrative Head of the municipality
  • Ensures the municipality's policies and programs are implemented, advises and informs council on the operation of the municipality, administers the operating and capital budgets, ensures appropriate staffing is in place, and performs other duties assigned by the council and the MGA.

Betty Richard
Executive Assistant

[email protected]  |   780-645-3301 ext. 1221

  • Provides direct administrative support to the CAO
  • Provides indirect support to the County Council members and its committees

Phyllis Corbiere
Director of Corporate Services

[email protected]  |  780-645-3301 ext.1203

  • Provides direction and oversight to Finance, Taxation, Assessment, Insurance, Payroll, GIS, and contracted services such as janitorial and IT
  • Responsible for Legislative Services and Grants

Jason Storch
Director of Community Services

[email protected]780-645-3301 ext. 1204

  • Responsible for Agricultural Services, Cemeteries, Fire Services, Waste Management, and Parks and Recreation

Scott Jeffery
Director of Public Works

[email protected]  |  780-645-3006 ext. 2236

  • Responsible for public works services and programs that include road construction, maintenance, transportation, water and sewer, and trades
  • Ensures that all decisions within the department are consistent with safety and operational policies

Ashley Dary
Regional Director of Occupational Health and Safety

[email protected]780-645-1769

  • Overall responsibility for Occupational Health and Safety in managing and overseeing the Regional Safety Management System (RSMS).
  • Works closely with St. Paul’s Regional Emergency Management Agency (REMA) to improve the regional response to emergencies, and the Emergency Management Committee (EMC) as a regional governance body that provides direction regarding the REMP

Lynn Smid
Director of St. Paul Regional Family and Community Support Services (FCSS)

[email protected]780-645-5311

  • Designs, implements, coordinates, administers, and evaluates preventive social services for the County and the Town of Elk Point
  • Works closely with local, regional and provincial agencies to ensure that the preventative social service needs of residents are met while not duplicating services

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