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You'll find the latest notices about all public works on this page. This includes updates on current projects, road maintenance, road closures and road bans. We've also listed everything you need to know about permits & applications and bylaws & policies for the County on this page.

Opportunity: Public Works Clerical Support

Reporting to and receiving general direction and guidance from the Director of Public Works, the Clerical Support position takes payments, answers phones, greets and directs customers/visitors, inventory of the private…

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Thank you for the thank you!

Received from a County resident: “Your County driveway plow came by this morning, and — as always — did a superb job of our drive. Just wanted you to know…

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County Transfer Stations on Winter Hours

The County Transfer Stations are now on Winter Hours.   Click here for the Winter Hours and locations  

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What’s happening on the County Roads?

Check the Public Works page ‘Road Projects’ for updates.

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Effective Immediately – Indefinite Road Closure

RR 73 between TWP 570A and TWP 570 is closed indefinitely due to a failed Bridge. Please use alternative routes.

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County Roads

Public Works manages the County roads year-round. How many kilometers of roads? 2,029 kilometers to be exact.

Kilometers of Gravel Roads
Kilometers of Oiled Roads
Kilometers of Paved Roads

Snow Maintenance & Snow Flags

Snow Clearing Procedures
The County of St. Paul maintains all Public Roads and Right of Ways within the borders of the County.
Public Works does not maintain the Provincial Highways.

The County of St. Paul has a duty to clear all main access Roads as depicted as Priority 1,
followed by the roads depicted as Priority 2.
The remaining roadways, private driveways, and farmyards are addressed as Priority 3,
unless an emergency medical agreement is on file.

Paved and Oil, and Gravel Roads
Paved and Oiled roads are sanded and plowed in the following order after a snow event -
Gravel roads are plowed in the following order after a snow event -
Priority 1:  Main service roads and/or roads that have the highest traffic volumes.
Priority 2: Roads with medium traffic volumes that connect to a main service road or serve subdivisions, hamlets, and local residential areas.
Gravel roads are plowed in the following order after a snow event -
Priority 3: Roads that are not bus routes and have limited users on them i.e., dead end road allowances.
Snow Flags – Driveways/Farmyards
Priority 3: Private driveways and farmyards.

The County’s Snow Clearing Policy is to complete snow and ice control on Priority 1 roads followed by Priority 2 and
Priority 3 roadways within 5 Days (60 hours) at the end of a snowfall event.
The private driveways and farmyards will extend outside of the 5 days during major snow events.

Link to Information on Snow Clearing Procedures, Information on Snow Ridges/ Windrows procedures, and Medical Emergency Access       

Link to Snow Clearing Priority Map

Received from a County resident:
"Your County driveway plow came by this morning, and -- as always -- did a superb job of our drive.
Just wanted you to know how much this service is appreciated!"
[November 30, 2022]

Changes to the County of St. Paul snow flag procedures [as of September 13, 2022]

County residents (permanent or seasonal) can now purchase one flag for the entire winter. 
One flag, less hassle and snow clearing for the entire winter. 

NOTE:  The last day for the sale of Snow Flags for the 2022/23 winter season was December 15. 

Snow clearing service will be provided by the County on private residential driveways upon the accumulation of a
minimum of six inches of snow for residents who have a snowplow agreement.

Snow removal service without an Annual Flag:  Minimum $50 per clearing, or charged at Custom Rate per clearing (as of January 1, 2023)

Flags purchased by October 31, 2022 will cost $300. 

*  Flags purchased from November 1 to December 15, 2022 will cost $400.   

*  Snow flags for the current winter season will not be sold
    after December 15, 2022
but residents can contact the
    County for custom snow clearing at an hourly rate.

*  Residents can return flags already purchased and they will       
   receive a credit for each flag returned.  The deadline to return flags is December 15, 2022.

*  There is no cost to seniors or persons with disabilities with a permanent residence within the County. 

The flags can be purchased from the County of St. Paul Administration or Public Works offices
or from the Town of Elk Point office during regular business hours. 

To register for the Snow Flag Program:

3. Pick Up Your Snow Flag

Visit or contact the County Administration Office, Public Works or the Town of Elk Point to pick up your snow flag.

4. Make Your Snow Flag Visible

Install your snow flag on your rural address sign.


The County performs the maintenance for all water drainage within the county limits and adjacent to the county roadways and lands. Culverts are important because they help stormwater management and where water goes in the County. 

If you suspect any of the following culvert issues, please contact our Public Works department.



The culvert is too small and cannot handle the flow of the water. As a result, the water will naturally make a new path.



The intake side of the culvert will have pooled water and the other side will have no flow or minimal water coming out.



The intake side of the culvert is blocked with debris, such as grass and trees, and there is minimal to no flow out of the other side.

Gravel P1020105


Council passed Bylaw 2020-38 Community Aggregate Payment Levy Bylaw which imposes a levy in respect of all sand and gravel businesses operating in the County to raise revenue to be used toward the payment of infrastructure and community enhancement in the County.  This bylaw came into effect on January 1, 2021.

The levy imposed is $0.40 per tonne of sand and gravel shipped from any pit as per the provisions outlined in the bylaw.  Subsequent to the passing of this bylaw, Council passed motions to not charge the owners/operators of these pits the levy on the first 20,000 tonnes shipped in 2021 or on any contracts made or quotations given prior to the effective date of the bylaw to allow the owners/operators to adjust their business to accommodate the levy.

Additionally, Council passed a motion for County staff to bring forward policy to deal with the administration of funds received through the levy and the formation of a committee to participate in this.


Gravel sale


The County of St. Paul is happy to provide gravel and delivery to county residents. The County begins to take gravel orders for the season starting on March 1 every year and until October (weather dependent).

Please see the information below and use the online order form below or contact the Public Works Office if you would like to order gravel or if you have any questions. The Public Works contact information is located at the bottom of this page.

Private Gravel Sales Policy - Link here  The policy clarifies the guidelines for the delivery and invoicing of gravel to landowners.


County property owners may purchase a maximum of 25 tonnes of gravel annually per rural address or approved Development Permit


Gravel - Private Sales (as of January 1, 2023)
$18/tonne delivered - maximum 25 tonnes/ rural address or approved Development Permit.  Maximum $450

$12.00/tonne self-haul - maximum 25 tonnes.  Hauled directly from the Gravel Pit.  Maximum $300

$17/tonne self-haul - maximum 25 tonnes.  Hauled from County Public Works Yard.  Maximum $425

$5.00/tonne self-haul - no limit
$15.00/tonne delivered - maximum 25 tonnes
Hauled from County-owned pits

Road Projects

2021 Public Works Accomplishments (and dollar savings!)

5.4 km of road improvements were completed on TWP 482, 57 street and Moosehills Slide area.  The County saved $7.2 million by self-performing the work on these roads.  In addition, Public Works Construction performed Gravel-base Reconstruction on 7.2 km of gravel roads.

Public Works completed a long list of Special Projects and completed two bridge files (culvert replacement and emergency culvert replacement).

The Crusher had a record season and put up 419,838T of aggregate between three pits.

The Maintenance Crews had a a record season and performed Rip and Pack, Reclaim and Cold Mix applications on 91 km of roadway.


Public Works Road Work - the crews are now on a winter work schedule (i.e. clearing snow)






Road Restrictions

Why are there road restrictions? 

Restrictions are necessary to help preserve the integrity and life span of municipal roads.

However, a vehicle designed and intended for use in farming operations may operate contrary to road restrictions provided that the vehicle is operated at no more than 100% axle weight and along the most direct route available to minimize the distance traveled along any restricted road.

The Road Use Bylaw can be viewed at this link.  

Please note that weight restrictions may change as the spring thaw progresses.

We thank the public, in advance,  for their cooperation.

Road Closure:  RR 65 between 571A and 572 east of Elk Point due to compromised bridge file (culvert).

Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a Public Works related question we invite you to contact the County of St. Paul using the contact information found on this page.

Contact Information

SCOTT JEFFERY, Co-Director, Public Works
Email:  [email protected]
Phone: 780-645-3006 ext. 2237

DANNY WEINMEIER, Utilities Supervisor
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 780-645-3006 ext. 2230

ANDY PETTERSON, Manager, Construction
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 780-645-3006 ext. 2239

JACK VANDENBERG, Manager, Shop & Parts
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 780-645-3006 ext. 2224

Public Works Main Phone:

Physical Shop Address:
5618 - 57 Street
St. Paul, AB  

Weekday Business Hours:
(subject to change)

Until April 21, 2023:
8:00am - 4:30pm
Closed for lunch from noon to 12:30

April 24 - October 13, 2023:
7:00am - 4:30pm
Closed for lunch from noon to 12:30

October 16, 2023 - April 19, 2024:
8:00am - 4:30pm
Closed for lunch from noon to 12:30

Closed on weekends and all Statutory Holidays