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You'll find the latest notices about all public works on this page. This includes updates on current projects, road maintenance, road closures and road bans. We've also listed everything you need to know about permits & applications and bylaws & policies for the County on this page.

Driveway snow removal – Are you ready for winter?

Are you ready for winter?  Will your rural driveway need snow removal? Driveway snow removal agreements are available from the County of St. Paul Administration, Public Works, and Town of Elk Point offices.    Driveway Snow Removal Policy A fee of 25 dollars covers one driveway clearing.  Residents are encouraged to purchase multiple flags for each…

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Gravel Orders Open

New Gravel Delivery orders are being accepted by the County. Please note that we will be taking these orders on a week to week basis and delivery will be weather dependent. Information on gravel requests  

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Fire permits required year ’round

As residents start their fall cleanup, the County of St. Paul would like to remind everyone that fire permits are required year ‘round. If a safe, open fire is in your cleanup plans, you will need a fire permit.   Fire permits are free and are valid for ten days from the day issued. Fire Permits…

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County Roads

Public Works manages the County roads year-round. How many kilometers of roads? 2,029 kilometers to be exact.

Kilometers of Gravel Roads
Kilometers of Oiled Roads
Kilometers of Paved Roads

Snow Maintenance & Snow Flags

When there is a heavy snowstorm or other major weather event, the County snow removal crews are removing snow and are sanding all of the County roads before removing the snow off of driveways. If snowfall is light, then the County snow removal crews will remove snow from driveways along their snow plow routes if snow flags are on the rural address sign and are visible. Snow flags are available year round. 

To register for the Snow Flag Program:

2. Sign a Snowplow/Blading Agreement

Download and sign this agreement and email it to us or drop it off at the County office.

3. Pick Up Your Snow Flag

Visit or contact the County office, Public Works or the Town of Elk Point to pick up your snow flag.

4. Make Your Snow Flag Visible

Install your snow flag on your rural address sign.


The County performs the maintenance for all water drainage within the county limits and adjacent to the county roadways and lands. Culverts are important because they help stormwater management and where water goes in the County. 

If you suspect any of the following culvert issues, please contact our Public Works department.



The culvert is too small and cannot handle the flow of the water. As a result, the water will naturally make a new path.



The intake side of the culvert will have pooled water and the other side will have no flow or minimal water coming out.



The intake side of the culvert is blocked with debris, such as grass and trees, and there is minimal to no flow out of the other side.

Gravel P1020105


Gravel orders are being accepted.

Please note that we will be taking these orders on a week to week basis and delivery will be weather dependent.

The County of St. Paul is happy to provide gravel and delivery to county residents. Please see the information below and contact the Public Works Office if you would like to order gravel or if you have any questions. The Public Works contact information is located at the bottom of this page.


County property owners may purchase a maximum of 25 tonnes of gravel annually per rural address or approved Development Permit (as of April 1, 2020)


Gravel - Private Sales (as of April 1, 2020)

$12/tonne delivered - maximum 25 tonnes/ rural address or approved Development Permit

$8.00/tonne self-haul - maximum 25 tonnes.  Hauled directly from the Gravel Pit

$12/tonne self-haul - maximum 25 tonnes.  Hauled from County Public Works Yard

Gravel Delivery Agreement

Road Projects

Construction Scopes

  • Robinson Road (RR 110) complete
  • Grassy Island Road (Twp Rd 610) complete
  • Richland Road (RR 74) - complete
  • Ambler Road (RR 95) - complete
  • Gill Road (RR 92) - currently underway.  Estimated  completion date is November 27, 2020.  Cleanup in spring will be required.
  • Sloan Approach (RR 104)  - Estimated completion date is November 10, 2020
  • Labant Road (Twp Rd 592) Pushed to 2021 Construction schedule

Special Projects

  • Northern Valley Washout/Enbridge Road Washout - Complete.  Repair of 4 washouts along North Valley Road (Twp Rd 560), 1 washout on Enbridge Road (RR53).
  • Upcoming Special Project:  Evergreen Road Repair - RR 104
    (4 soft spots punched out).  3 have been completed.
  • Spring Creek Hall Demolition - Complete November 20, 2020.
  • Upcoming:  Maintenance Brushing Cleanups:
    a.  RR 111 (1/2 mile)
    b.  RR 115

There are currently 36 approaches to be constructed in the County.  20 County Builds/ 16 self builds to be inspected and approved.

Road Restrictions

All road restrictions have been lifted unless otherwise posted.

Road Closure:  RR 65 between 571A and 572 east of Elk Point due to compromised bridge file (culvert).

Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a Public Works related question we invite you to contact the County of St. Paul using the contact information found on this page.

Contact Information

DANIEL REID, Director, Public Works
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 780-645-3006 ext. 2226

DANNY WEINMEIER, Utilities Supervisor
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 780-645-3006 ext. 2230

ANDY PETTERSON, Manager, Construction
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 780-645-3006 ext. 2239

JACK VANDENBERG, Manager, Shop & Parts
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 780-645-3006 ext. 2224

Public Works Main Phone:

Physical Shop Address:
5618 - 57 Street
St. Paul, AB  

May 15th - October 15th, 2020:
7:00am - 4:30pm
Closed for lunch from noon-12:30

October 16th - April 14th:
7:00am - 4:30pm
Closed for lunch from noon-12:30

Closed all Statutory Holidays