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The County of St. Paul Planning & Development department provides information for those looking to develop or improve property.
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Lakeshore Developments

Property development is increasing on Alberta’s lakeshores. Shoreland development can have cumulative, detrimental effects on lakes and lakeshore areas.

An Alberta Government Temporary Field Authorization (TFA) will be required for placing a mooring structure for personal recreational use in Crown owned-bed and shore, for longer than 14 days.
Alberta Government Fact Sheet
Request for Client ID Application
Application for Temporary Field Authorization

Note:  This is an Alberta government requirement.  If you have questions regarding a client ID or the Temporary Field Authorization, please call Alberta Environment and Parks
at 780-623-5279. 
The County cannot advise individuals on what the province will require or approve. 

If you are not the waterfront landowner, the province requires written consent from the waterfront landowner before an authorization may be issued.  In many instances, this may be the local municipality if the waterfront property is a municipal or
an environmental reserve. 

If the applicant requires a Municipal Letter of Consent from the County, please fill in the Lakeshore Developments form by clicking here.

Permit Applications

There are 6 key permit applications that may be needed in reference to your planning and development needs. You can find these below:

Development Permit
Building Permit
Electrical Permit
Gas Permit
Plumbing Permit
Private Sewage Disposal Permit
Subdivision Application Package

Planning & Development Process

Looking to build? Need a permit? Follow this 5 step process to a successful application:

1. Review the Bylaw

Please review this Land Use Bylaw.

2. Review Development Permit Information

Development permit information can be found here.

4. Review the Costs

You can find the most up-to-date fee schedule here.

5. Fill Out a Permit Application

Complete your permit applications as required. The listing of permit applications can be found here.

6. Send Your Completed Documents

Send your completed documents as an attachment to Krystle Fedoretz (see below) with our Planning and Development Department.

Projects & Plans

The County of St. Paul has developed a number of municipal and inter-municipal development plans in accordance with the Government of Alberta Municipal Government Act (MGA). 

Inter-Municipal Development Plan: Rural

Inter-Municipal Development Plan: Urban

Area Structure Plans

The County of St. Paul is constantly evolving and two key areas currently under development are Garner Lake and the Lac Sante Area.

Lac Sante Area

In 2008, in response to the development that had occurred adjacent to the lake in the 1990s and 2000s, the Counties of St. Paul and Two Hills began work on an Area Structure Plan (ASP) for the Lac Sante area.

[View Plan]

Garner Lake

In early 2008 in response to the steady increase in interest toward lake-oriented development in Smoky Lake County and the County of St. Paul, as well as a growing awareness of the importance of local environmental stewardship and healthy watersheds, both Counties began work on revising the existing Area Structure Plan for the Garner Lake Area.

[View Plan]

Policies & Bylaws

Policies are created to guide decision-making on municipal matters.  These policies are approved by County of St. Paul Council.  In accordance with Section 638.2 of the Municipal Government Act, RSA 2000, c M-26, the following Planning and Development policies have been created and adopted:

Policies & Bylaws

Planning & Development Policies

1 - General Municipal Servicing Standards17.6 KBApproach Deposits Policy162.8 KBBacksloping Assistance Policy202.8 KBBrush & Tree Removal Policy183.2 KBBuilding Permit Application 202094.5 KBCancellation of Penalties or Interest Policy174.9 KBCancellation of Penalties Policy313.6 KBConfidentiality of Complaints Policy230.4 KBConfidentiality of Information Policy183.0 KBCounty of St. Paul Land Use Bylaw 2013-501.1 MBCounty of St. Paul Municipal Development Plan 2013-51417.4 KBCounty-owned Structures Not Requiring a Permit Policy315.2 KBDevelopment Permit Application 2020286.8 KBDevelopment Permit Fees 2020162.6 KBDevelopment Permit Information_April 2020361.6 KBElectrical Permit Application 202082.9 KBFee Schedule_ Planning and Development and Safety _April 1 2020_Bylaw #2020-05195.4 KBGas Permit Application 202084.2 KBGeneral Municipal Serving Standards_Amended_Lot 2 Block 1 Plan 2021568_2020-2042.8 KBLand Use Bylaw 2013-501.1 MBMunicipal Lands and Reserves Regulation Bylaw191.1 KBMunicipal Road Construction Policy333.8 KBNamed Landmarks and Roads Policy532.9 KBPlumbing Permit Application 202083.8 KBPrivate Gravel Sales Policy159.2 KBPrivate Sewage Disposal Permit Application 202010.0 MBPublic Information Policy300.4 KBPublic Participation Policy166.8 KBRecreation Corridor Designation Policy301.0 KBRefunding Permitting Fees Policy302.6 KBReserve Lands Management Policy244.3 KBRoad Allowance Management Policy607.7 KBRoad Approaches Policy367.2 KBRoad Protection and Maintenance Agreement Policy583.9 KB

Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a Planning & Development related question we invite you to contact the County of St. Paul using the contact information found on this page.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 780-645-3301 Ext. 1205

PETER MCKAY, Development Officer
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 780-645-3301 Ext. 1214

JEFF SYDORUK, Building Safety Codes Officer
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 780-870-9020

RON MATIEJEWSKI, Building Safety Codes Officer
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 780-489-4777

JACK KELLER, Electrical Safety Codes Officer
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 780-870-9020

BRAD DINGMAN, Plumbing & Gas Safety Codes Officer
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 780-489-4777

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