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The County of St. Paul: Your County

The County of St. Paul exists to improve the quality of life and to make our region and the communities within a stronger, safer, better place to live, visit and do business. We’re here to serve you.


We strive to offer full transparency and accountability. Our Core Values as a county are: Accountability in Action, Lead and Succeed, Unwavering Integrity, Innovate to Elevate and Community at the Core. To view our full Strategic Plan, click here.

OUR MISSION: To create desirable rural experiences

OUR VISION: To be the leader in rural success

Online Services

The County of St. Paul maintains a core value that focuses around innovation. With that core value leading the way,
we have developed a number of online services and citizen self-serve options for residents and businesses living and operation in the county.  

Transparent Government Spotlight

At the County of St. Paul, we work for you. We are proud to offer full transparency of your municipal government.  

Strategic Plans

The purpose of the plans is to establish the County’s attention to the importance of high quality Administration, Community Services, and Public Works. 

These plans emphasizes the strategies each department will focus annually and each operational plan outlines how the County will achieve them. Each department operational plan is aligned with the County of St. Paul Strategic Plan and will be evaluated and reviewed annually.


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