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The permits and applications available on this page are the most frequently requested within the County of St. Paul. Every effort is made to ensure their accuracy. The County of St. Paul will in no case be held liable or responsible for damages of any kind arising out of the use of online copies of permits or applications.

Community Services

For areas of Agriculture, Fire Services, and Waste Management.


Fire/Burn Permits

The County accepts Fire Permit Applications year-round. Please allow up to 2 business days for review and approval. Approved permits will be sent via email as a PDF attachment and are valid for 14 days from the date of issue.


Weed & Brush Control

A Weed & Brush Control Agreement develops a proactive management plan with ASB Staff to reduce weeds and brush in the County's right of way (ROW). The Agreement must be signed by April 30 annually and is in effect until July 1.


Waste Bin Rentals

We offer two options for Waste Bin Rentals:
- Household Waste (MSW)
in 4- or 6-yard Front Load Bins
- Industrial & Construction Waste (INERT)
in a 30-yard Roll-off Bin

Public Works Services

Our Public Works provides a number of seasonal services for residents to improve roads and access throughout the County. 


Dust Controls

 Applied to dirt roads to suppress dust kicked up during the summer months.

Applications are accepted annually between January 1 and May 15, with the suppressant applied between May 1 and July 31.


Gravel Sales

We are happy to provide gravel and delivery to County residents. We open gravel orders for the season on March 1 every year, closing in the fall (the final date is weather-dependent).


Snow Blading & Clearance

Personal driveway and farmyard clearance through our Snow Flag program.

Applications are accepted annually between October 1 and December 15, addressed as Priority 3 in the County's clearance schedule (unless an emergency medical agreement is on file).


Water & Wastewater Services

Many County residents have access to water services through the Elk Point Water Commission and the Highway 28/63 Water Commission.

Wastewater services are also available; depending on the property, this can be lines in your home connected to lagoons or an individual field system.

Planning & Development Permits

Development Permits are handled by our internal Planning & Development department.

Safety Code Permits, and permits for buildings, electrical, gas, plumbing, and private sewage, are issued through Superior Safety Codes.

Safety Code Permits

Required for buildings, electrical, gas, plumbing, and private sewage disposal systems.

Superior Safety Codes Inc.

Superior Safety Codes issues all County safety code permits.

Complete your application directly on their website.

Development Permits

Follow our 6-step process outlined below for a successful development permit application.

The County Can Help

Review all materials for your planned building/development thoroughly before completing your application.

Does your project require demolition?

Your demolition materials may require an inspection from our Waste Management department, as not all materials are accepted at
our County Transfer Stations.

Docks & Mooring Structures

For personal use in Crown owned-bed and lakeshore, for longer than 14 days.

Ask Our Bylaw Officer

A temporary field authorization is provincially required help to mitigate effects on lakes and lakeshore areas.

Apply for a Municipal Letter of Consent.

Subdivision Applications

Contact Municipal Planning Services (2009) Ltd. if you have questions about subdivisions or if you are planning to apply for a subdivision.

Confirm All Info

Find FAQs, forms & requirements, and application fee information on Municipal Planning Services' website.


Issue Date: July 17, 2024

Location: SE 7 60 10 W4 / NE 1 60 11 W4 / NE 14 57 9 W4

Closing Date for Appeals: August 7, 2024

Issue Date: July 9, 2024

Location: NW 31 56 6 W4 | SE 22 56 4 W4 | SE 25 56 7 W4

Closing Date for Appeals: July 30, 2024

Issue Date: July 4, 2024

Location: SE 2 60 11 W4 | Lot 7 Block 2 Plan 8222114 | Upper Mann Lake / SW 17 59 11 W4 | Lot 1 Block 8 Plan 8121370 | Vincent Lake

Closing Date for Appeals: July 25, 2024

Permit #: 24-D0057

Issue Date: July 2, 2024

Location: SE 21 56 11 W4 | Lot 58 Block 5 Plan 0826580 | Lac Sante

Closing Date for Appeals: July 23, 2024