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County of St. Paul Maps

County of St. Paul maps are easily accessible. What's on the maps?

Assessment Summary Information
Zoning Information
Lot sizes
... and more

Use the link below to view the applicable St. Paul, Alberta County maps.
The County of St. Paul Webmap User Guide. 

How to find the Longitude and Latitude of a Parcel of Land

Link to the County Ownership Map 2023 
The cost for a hard copy is $15.00
Mailing Cost only:  Tube and Postage $25.00
Mailing Cost only:  Postage for Folded Map  $10.00

Contact the Administration Office at 780-645-3301 to acquire one.

For maps of the County Campgrounds, see this link to 'Campgrounds'

Snow Clearing Priority Map and Snow Clearing Procedures



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