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St. Paul County Airports, Cemeteries, Churches, Schools & Libraries

The County of St. Paul is here to help you enjoy and experience your rural lifestyle.

We are proud to offer a number of facilities and services for a higher quality of life.



St. Paul Airport

The St. Paul Municipal Airport is an all-weather facility located approximately 3 kilometres west of St. Paul on Hwy 29.

The runway is 3498 feet in length with a width of 100 feet.

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Elk Point Municipal Airport

Elk Point Municipal Airport is an excellent facility located approximately 8 kilometres east of Elk Point on secondary Hwy 646.

The airport has a runway of 4,492 feet in length and a width of 74 feet with a tie-down.

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There are 33 cemeteries within the County of St. Paul, with 10 of those owned and administered by the County. 

The County of St. Paul provides all-season maintenance and operations to the County of St. Paul-owned cemeteries. We perform turf and roadway maintenance, horticulture services and landscaping restorations. We also create and make beautiful signage at each County of St. Paul-owned cemeteries. 

The responsibility for the cemeteries (as listed) falls within the County Community Services department. The Cemetery Board assumes responsibility concerned with the management, planning, and maintenance of those cemeteries owned by the County.
Cemeteries Bylaw 2022-12

Mallaig Cemetery P1020092

Burials & Plots

To arrange for a burial, reserve a plot, or for more information about the County-owned cemeteries, please contact the County Administration Office. We do not arrange for funerals or headstones.

St Georges Cem sign P1000350


The cemeteries are open to the public 24 hours each day, seven days a week. We provide staff to assist with grave locations between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

St Michael Sign P1000352

Cemetery Fees

Interment Plots:
- 5’x10’: $600.00
- One Cremation in existing plot: $200.00
- 2nd Interment in existing plot: $300.00

Cremation Plots
-5’x10’: $600.00
-2nd interment in same plot: $200.00
-Newborn/Infant plots: $200.00

Norberg Cemetery sign

County Cemeteries

The County-owned cemeteries are:

  • Elk Point Holy Eucharist Cemetery (south portion)
  • Heinsburg
  • Norberg
  • Norwood
  • Pochiaw
  • Primula
  • Staroseilski
  • St. George's
  • St. John's
  • St. Michael


We are proud to provide local community libraries in Ashmont, Elk Point, Mallaig, and St. Paul.


Ashmont Public Library


Elk Point Municipal Library


Mallaig Public Library


St. Paul Municipal Library


Whatever your educational needs — from pre-school to post-secondary — the local educational options located in the County of St. Paul can help you on your educational journey.

St Paul Education Regional Division_School District Office

St. Paul Regional Educational Division

SPERD has a number of schools in the region including: Mallaig, Heinsburg, Ashmont, and St. Paul.

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St Paul Conseil Scolaire Centre

Conseil Scolaire Centre-Est

Conseil Scolaire Centre-Est is the French school division with schools throughout the region.

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Portage Collage

Portage College

A local college with campus locations throughout northeast Alberta.

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Blue Quills P1020027

Blue Quills First Nations University

Offering a variety of culturally-infused university programs.

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We are an open and welcoming region that welcomes people of any background, race, belief, sexual orientation and gender.
Find a listing below for churches in our region.


Ashmont United Church


Camp Whitney United Church

Elk Point Baptist Church

Elk Point Baptist Church

Elk Point Christian Community Church

Elk Point Christian Community Church

Elk Point St. Michael Roman Catholic Church

Elk Point St. Michael Roman Catholic Church

St. Paul Roman Catholic Cathedral 2

St. Paul Roman Catholic Cathedral

St Vincent Parish P1020042

St. Vincent Roman Catholic


St. Lina Roman Catholic Church

St Paul Ukrainian Catholic Church 2

St. Paul Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church

St Paul Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Mallaig Baptist Church P1020089

Mallaig Baptist Church

Elk Point Ukrainian Catholic Church

Elk Point Ukrainian Catholic Church

Elk Point Ukrainian Orthodox Church

St. Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church


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