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Getting a County of St. Paul Address | Rural Addressing

The County of St. Paul helps to provide residents with rural addresses. It’s important to note that your rural address is not your mailing address.
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A Rural Address is a standard form of addressing that will allow emergency services such as police, fire, and ambulance to find your residence in the case of an emergency. Also known as a 911 address. This address is assigned by County of St. Paul and shared with Telus 911 for the purpose of emergency dispatch.

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About Municipal Addressing

Modeled after the address system found in most major cities, the Municipal Addressing System is widely used by rural Municipalities throughout Alberta. In the County of St. Paul each property is designated a Municipal Address that relates to the range road, township road or named road from which the property’s driveway is built. Here’s why you need a municipal address.


Emergency Services

Help us find you more quickly in an emergency.


County Services

Some county services like snowblading require you to have a municipal address.



Allow visitors to find your rural address in a more convenient way.

Properties Outside of Multi-Parcel Subdivisions

The following references are relevant to properties outside of multi-parcel subdivisions.


Address Reference

Addresses are referenced off of the range roads, township roads or named roads.


Address Numbers

Address numbers increase going North and West.


Even & Odd Numbers

Even address numbers are on the North and West side of the roads and odd addresses are on the South and East side.

Properties in Multi-Parcel Subdivisions

The following references are relevant to properties in multi-parcel subdivisions.


Address Reference

Addresses are referenced from where the internal subdivision road comes off of the range road or township road (if the subdivision has more than one entrance, one entrance is arbitrarily chosen as being the address identifier).



Lots are assigned a number in a clockwise direction wherever possible.

Municipal Addressing Tips

Here are some quick tips for municipal addressing:


Keep it Posted

Make sure to keep your rural address posted and visible on your property so that emergency personnel, service providers and visitors can easily find your home.


Know Your Address

Write your address down and post it in your home. This will ensure that the address can be easily referenced in case of an emergency.

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