Changes to the County’s Dust Control Policy

Effective January 9, 2024, as per Fee Schedule Bylaw 2023-24 under Council direction, the County of St. Paul now requires residents who request dust control to pay a portion of the cost. County Administration has revised Dust Control Policy PW-9 to reflect this.

What are the costs?

Residents who request dust control will be required to pay* $470, which is 25% of 2023’s actual costs. The County will continue to cover 75% of the costs. This rate will be reviewed by Council annually.

*Residents whose quality of life is diminished by excessive dust due to a medical condition may request dust control free of charge. A medical certificate or letter from a physician will be required.

How do I apply?

Residents must submit an annual dust control application between January 1 and May 15, with the required payment. The application form is available at the County Administration and Public Works offices. A fillable PDF version can also be found under Public Works or linked here.

Completed forms with payment can be mailed to 5015 49 Avenue, St. Paul AB T0A 3A4 or dropped off at either the County Administration or Public Works offices.

Why has this been implemented?

This added fee is due to the operational and maintenance costs that the County incurs to provide this service. While this service has been delivered for free in the past, we need to consider budgetary constraints while continuing to offer the same level of service.

What are the criteria for a dust control application?

To qualify for the 25% fee, the residence must:

  • be occupied,
  • the primary yard site, and
  • within 150 metres of the centre of the road.

Dust controls will be 200 metres in length and are a blend of calcium chloride and magnesium hydroxide.

Property owners whose residence is over 150 metres from the centre of the road will pay the full cost based on 2023’s actual costs ($1,880). Those requesting more than 200 metres in length will pay the full cost of the section over 200 metres.


For questions on filling out the form, payment, or the information provided here, please contact the Public Works Office at 780-645-3006.