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Public Works Notice

Snow Flag Program & General Road Maintenance

Background Details: Every County road has a right of way that belongs to the County and is required to be maintained by the County graders, trucks, and mowing crews. Request: The County of St. Paul Public Works department is kindly requesting the following be adhered to going forward. Please don’t leave signage of any kind…

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County of St. Paul declared Agricultural Disaster

The County of St. Paul has declared a Municipal State of Agricultural Disaster on November 26, 2019.  This declaration covers the entire County of St. Paul and is based primarily on annual crop unharvested acres. The County of St. Paul has 35% of annual crops that remain unharvested as of November 26, 2019.  These unharvested…

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Road Bans and Road Projects in the County

The Road Ban on Twp Rd 590 has been temporarily lifted. The shoulders on the road are soft so drivers are encouraged to use the mid-section of the road when it is safe to do so.   75% loading restrictions have been placed on Oiled and Paved Roads within the County of St. Paul, as…

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