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Family & Community Support Services (FCSS)

Is a funding partnership between the Province, Municipalities and Métis Settlements. Under FCSS, communities design and deliver social programs that are preventive in nature to promote and enhance well-being among individuals, families and communities. The programs depend on community resources, often involving volunteers in management and delivery.

The County of St. Paul & Elk Point FCSS provides designs and delivers services that are preventive in nature and assists in increasing independence by strengthening coping skills. We encourage and assist in enhancing the cooperation between FCSS organizations and other Agencies.

The following is a list of some of the programs that is supported and delivered by the County of St. Paul & Elk Point FCSS.

Care Call Service

Care Call is dedicated to keeping you safe in your own home, allowing you to remain independent and secure while giving you and your family peace of mind. When you press your button, you can be confident that a live operator will answer and stay on the line with you, reassuring your help is on the way.

In a medical emergency, aa timely response is the most important aspect of a quick recovery. If you are unable to call for assistance, it could be hours before you receive the necessary help, which could mean a long recovery time in hospital. A Care Call system can avoid that by ensuring you get the help you need quickly.

Call today to arrange your installation. Toll Free: 1-877-322-0334 or email:  

Community Counselling Services

Community Counselling Services provides professional individual, group and marriage counselling/therapy services. Community Counseling also offers information, education, and referrals to assist in strengthening the emotional health and wellness of individuals, families, couples and the community.  

Professional Counselling sessions are subsidized, up to 8 hours, by the County of St. Paul & Elk Point FCSS for eligible County residents. Rates are based on family size and net income to provide affordable services


Alberta Seniors and Community Supports Assistance Programs

The County of St. Paul & Elk Point FCSS assists the Alberta Seniors and Community Supports by providing assistance to seniors by explaining and assisting in the completion of forms for the various programs provided through the Alberta Government. These programs include but are not limited to the Special Needs Assistance Program, the Dental and Optical Programs, the Residential Access Modification Program and Alberta Seniors Benefit Program.

Moms 'N Tots (Ashmont & Mallaig)

Moms 'n Tots provide supports to parents to help their children develop and arrive at school ready to learn. Parents can access information about community services, obtain referrals, meet other parents and families, and take part in quality learning activities with their children.  

Moms 'n Tots in Ashmont and Mallaig for parents, caregivers and children aged 0-5. 

Volunteer Income Tax

The focus of the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program is to assist low income individuals, families and seniors with completing basic tax returns. There is no charge for this service.

Community Support, Information and Referral Services

The County of St. Paul & Elk Point FCSS provides information and referral services to individuals, families as well as one on one support.

Youth Programs

Ashmont Summer Program: A summer program for school Aged kids. 2-3 days a week for 6 weeks. This program addresses the emotional, mental and physical well-being of youth and provides them with shells to deal with issues that effect youth today. 


Annual Events   

Seniors Festival 

Volunteer Week Celebrations

Seniors Week Celebrations


Welcome Baby Packages

The County of St. Paul & Elk Point FCSS provide a package to the new mothers. This package includes resources, contact numbers & samples of baby products. 


County Welcome Packages

New to the County? When you receive your Welcome to the County coupon bring it into us and receive a Welcome Package that includes resources, contact numbers. New to the Town of Elk Point? Stop by the Elk Point FCSS office to pick up your package.

Volunteer Week

Volunteer Week Celebrations within our communities.

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County of St.Paul & Elk Point Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) is a partnership between Alberta Child and Family Services and the municipality.