Calling Fundraising Groups to the Annual Highway Clean-up

The County of St. Paul is excited to announce that we are now accepting applications for the Annual Provincial Highway Clean-up. Weather permitting, the 2024 clean-up will take place on May 4.

The County has hosted the Annual Clean-up regionally for more than 20 years as an opportunity for local groups to fundraise for various causes and initiatives. Groups apply for a pre-determined County road, with Council reviewing applications to allocate the roads and funds.

Groups interested in participating in the 2024 Annual Highway Clean-up can email Betty Richard at [email protected] with the subject line “Highway Clean-up”, noting which section(s) you want. Applications are due by April 2.

Groups can apply for multiple roads; however, Council will determine the final allocation based on the number of applicants.

For $150/mile

  • 16 miles, County Shop Road (Range Road 95) – From Town of St. Paul Limits North to a 1/4-mile past Vincent Lake Dump, West to Horseshoe Bay Road & into Developments – including the County Shop Rd East to 881 & Roads south to Town limits
  • 6 miles, from Highway 28 North past the Hamlet of Mallaig to the end of the pavement (Twp Rd 612)
  • 13 miles, Moosehills Road – East of HWY 41 Twp 574 up to RR50
  • 14 miles, Murphy Road – RR50 North of HWY 646 to County line
  • 3 miles, SR 867 to Lina 1/2-Mile North to St. Lina Landfill and around the landfill

For $2,500 flat rate

  • 7 miles, Ross Lake Road TWP Rd 562 from Frog Lake Monument East to 646


We thank all groups for their interest and their hard work in making our communities look and feel cleaner for the spring season.