Invest in the Alberta HUB region – one of Canada’s top locations!

Canada’s Competitive Award names Alberta HUB is one of the top 20 locations in Canada for economic development.  Read why 

The County of St. Paul is a member of Alberta HUB.

“We are very pleased to be recognized by Site Selection as one of the top 20 of Canada’s best locations. To compete globally Alberta HUB’s strategy has been to work regionally thus providing a business environment for success. This recognition validates the work of the Alberta HUB alliance in getting our story out to the world.”  Steve Upham, Chair, Alberta HUB

“To be recognized by the leading magazine of news on economic locations and area economic development is an incredible achievement! Alberta HUB prides itself on providing current accurate investment information and our region is well-positioned to play an expanding role in the global economy. Alberta HUB will continue to innovate and diversify to meet the evolving needs of the future.”  Bob Bezpalko Executive Director Alberta HUB