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County of St. Paul No. 19, population 6168, is located in the northeast region of Alberta, 208km from Edmonton. The County is a community of ~1200 farms with some 32 oil and gas companies.

The Town of St. Paul and Town of Elk Point, lie within the County boundaries but have their own governance. There are numerous hamlets such as Ashmont, Heinsburg, Mallaig, Lafond, Lindbergh, Lottie Lake, St. Edouard, St. Lina, and St. Vincent which form part of the County.

grainery in field
elk point grainery

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  • 2016 Tenders for Gravel Crushing

    Tenders for the Gravel Crushing and stockpilling. Final Decision will be decided on August 9th, 2016 List of Tenders

  • Development Permit - End Date Aug 9

    SW 28-58-8-4 - Single Family Dwelling to be 89' to centerline of county road instead of 130' SE 1-56-10-4 - Lot 6, Block 1, Plan 0826671 - Lac Bel...

  • Development Permit - End Date Aug 2

    SE 21-56-11-4 - Lot 2, Block 2, Plan 0826580 - Lac Sante - Accessory Building NW 14-57-10-4 - Lot 136, Block 4, Plan 7922205 - Lower Therien - Gar...

  • Bylaw No. 2016-14

    First & Second Reading for Bylaw 2016-14 for Speed Control on County roadways. Bylaw 2016-14

  • Bylaw No. 2016-11

    First Reading to Bylaw No. 2016-11 to amend the Land Use Bylaw No. 2013-50 NE 1-58-10-W4 Agricultural to Country Residential One (CR1) Industrial...

  • POSTPONED - Notice of Hearing Stop Order Appeal

    An appeal has been filed against a decision of the Development Authority of the County of St. Paul No. 19 on: NE 1-58-10-W4 - Stop Work Order - PO...


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