Welcome to the County of St. Paul!

County of St. Paul No. 19, population 6168, is a community of ~1200 farms with some 32 oil and gas companies and located 208km from Edmonton in north east Alberta.

The Town of St. Paul and Town of Elk Point, lie within the County boundaries but have their own governance. There are numerous hamlets such as Ashmont, Heinsburg, Mallaig, Lafond, Lindbergh, Lottie Lake, St. Edouard, St. Lina, and St. Vincent which form part of the County.

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Interested in more information about WATER RATES or INTER-BASIN TRANSFER or CITIZEN SELF SERVICE?

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  • Development Permit - End Date July 4

    SE 1-60-11-W4 - Lot 20, Block 1, Plan 7620518 - Seasonal Cabin More details 

  • Development Permit - End Date June 27

    SE 30-60-11-W4 - Lot 8, Block 2, Plan 666MC - Floatingstone - Accessory Building SW 25-56-11-W4 - Lot 21, Block 2, Plan 1323513 - Lac Sante - Sing...

  • A State of Agricultural Disaster

    On April 25, 2017, the County of St. Paul Council unanimously voted to declare a State of Agricultural Disaster within the County of St. Paul. ...

  • Notice to Ratepayers

    To complete assessments for 2017, Assessors will be conducting physical inspections of properties throughout the County. When assessors enter onto ...

  • Bylaw No. 2017-20

    First Reading to Bylaw No. 2017-20 to change the boundaries of an environmental reserve to rectify another concern. Bylaw 2017-20 

  • Council Meeting

    July Council Meeting has been changed to Thursday, July 6th at 10:00 am. 


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