Welcome to the County of St. Paul!

County of St. Paul No. 19, population 6168, is located in the northeast region of Alberta, 208km from Edmonton. The County is a community of ~1200 farms with some 32 oil and gas companies.

The Town of St. Paul and Town of Elk Point, lie within the County boundaries but have their own governance. There are numerous hamlets such as Ashmont, Heinsburg, Mallaig, Lafond, Lindbergh, Lottie Lake, St. Edouard, St. Lina, and St. Vincent which form part of the County.


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  • Development permit
    Development Permit - End Date June 9

    SE 30-60-11-4 - Lot 21-22, Block 3, Plan 666MC Floatingstone - Accessory Building SE 21-56-11-4 Lot 31, Block 3, Plan 0826580 Lac Sante - Acc...

  • Zoning_bylaw
    Bylaw No. 2015-12

    First Reading to a Bylaw to amend the Land Use Bylaw No. 2013-50 Bylaw No. 2015-12

  • Zoning_bylaw
    Bylaw No. 2015-11

    First Reading to a Bylaw to amend the Land Use Bylaw No. 2013-50 Bylaw 2015-11

  • Development permit
    Development Permit - End Date June 2

    SW 12-57-9-4 - Manufactured Home SE 22-60-12-4 - Lot1, Block 1, Plan 7722625 - Garner Lake SE 27-56-4-4 - Lot 33, Block 1, Plan 8721423 - Laurier...

  • Open house
    Open House for Assessments

    On June 2 & 3, 2015, the County of St. Paul will host an Open House to meet with our Assessors with any concerns regarding your property assess...

  • Meeting-minutes-zv0a2f-300x278
    Call to Order Integration

    The County of St. Paul website has successfully integrated our meeting software Call to Order back into the website.  Now when agenda's a...


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Latest Blogs (6)

  • Campfire

    Fire Ban Notice: County of St. Paul Description: County of St. Paul has issued a complete FIRE BAN effective immediately. The fire ban pr...

  • Zoning_bylaw
    Bylaw No. 2015-10

    1st Reading - Bylaw 2015-10. Bylaw to amend Land Use Bylaw 2013-50 10 acres in PNE 31-57-8-4 and Lot 2, Block 1, Plan 1120947 Agricultural t...

  • Wnc logo
    Water North Coalition

    The Water North Coalition was established in the fall of 2014. Voting membership is open to all northern municipalities, First Nations and Metis ...

  • Gravel
    Gravel Rates

    You are allowed 100 cubic yards of gravel per rural address annually within the County of St. Paul. The first 20 yards is charged at $15/yard and r...

  • Weight_restrictions_180px
    2015 Road Restrictions

    Road Use Agreement Required to use the following County Highways contact 780-645-3006 for Bryan or Leo Range Road 50 - Murphy Road for 14 mi...

  • Ihlogob
    Iron Horse Trail Maps

    Iron Horse Trail Maps are now available for purchase for $15.00 each View Map


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